Saturday, January 16, 2010

Traditional Ingredients BDG Experiment

Recently I did an experiment with Kimberly of Natures Art. Kimberly came across some glycerin and was looking for some ideas. I asked her if she was willing to do an experiment with some of the ingredients that I use with BDG. She kindly accepted.

I was interested in comparing soaps made with the same ingredients as I sometimes use with BDG soaps. She used the same fatty acids that were used in the BDG recipe. In place of the BDG she used regular glycerin and oleic acid. Our BDG is high in oleic acid soaps due to the oils commonly used to make biodiesel in my area.

Other than the color the soaps are almost identical in properties. This experiment has helped me in that I had assumed there were a high ratio of soft oil soaps in the BDG. Kimberly's soap showed the same thing with no BDG using traditional ingredients.

Here is a picture of the BDG and Traditional ingredients side by side.

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Happy Soaping :)

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